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Leveling campers – this is how you use ramps correctly

Leveling campers – this is how you use ramps correctly

What does leveling mean?

Before we get into the details, let's clarify what the term "leveling" actually means. Leveling refers to the process of compensating for height differences between the ground and the RV. It's about making sure the vehicle is on a flat surface to ensure stability and comfort.

Why should you level the motorhome?

Leveling your RV offers numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't neglect this task:

Stability: A leveled RV is more stable and secure. This will minimize the risk of the vehicle shaking or tipping, especially while sleeping or moving inside.

Comfort: A leveled motorhome ensures a comfortable stay. You avoid sloping beds, swaying tables and the feeling that you constantly have to lean on one side.

Functionality: A leveled RV allows you to make the most of all of the vehicle’s features. The fridge works better, the doors close properly and you avoid problems with the plumbing.

Instructions for leveling your RV

Now that you understand the importance of leveling, it's time to give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly level your RV:

Find a suitable parking space: Look for a flat parking space for your motorhome. Avoid steep slopes or uneven surfaces that make leveling difficult.

Check the initial situation: Use a spirit level or leveling device to check how out of alignment your RV is. This will help you measure the height difference and determine the correct number of ramps or cushions.

Placement of the ramp wedges: Start by placing the ramp wedges. Place them under the RV wheels on the side that needs to be raised. Drive carefully onto the chocks until the motorhome is securely on the chocks. Check again with the spirit level whether the vehicle is now level. If necessary, you can add or remove additional wedges to achieve the desired leveling.


Check stability: After placing the RV on ramps, it is important to check stability. Check whether the vehicle is secure and does not wobble. Walk around the inside of the RV and check that all furniture and fixtures are sturdy.

Note: Ramp wedges as an extra for your PIA camper

At PIA Camper, we want to make sure you can level your RV with ease. That's why we offer drive-on wedges as an extra for your camper. Simply book the drive-on wedges when reserving your vehicle. For your trip with PIA Camper, Froli's drive-on wedges can be selected from the extras at no additional cost to you.

Proper leveling of your RV is of great importance to ensure stability, comfort, and functionality during your camping adventures. By using ramps and following the steps above, you can easily level your RV.


Enjoy your trip and have fun camping in your perfectly aligned RV


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