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Discover picturesque Lower Austria and its enchanting surroundings - travelling through St. Pölten and the breathtaking region in a campervan from PIA Camper is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable holiday between lush vineyards, historic towns and idyllic river valleys. Lower Austria and its picturesque surroundings are best explored by van, so you can switch back and forth between the sun-drenched vineyards of the Domäne Wachau and the historic streets of St. Pölten as the mood takes you. Be flexible, free and ready for spontaneous adventures!

And who knows, maybe you want to discover Lower Austria today, Austria tomorrow and the whole of Europe on four wheels the day after tomorrow? A good plan, because Austria is located in the heart of Europe and is therefore the perfect starting point for longer campervan tours. So make your plans, find and book the perfect campervan in just a few clicks and set off on your journey!

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A large selection of perfectly equipped campervan models awaits you at our St. Pölten location in Lower Austria. Whether it's a family holiday, a romantic weekend for two or a trip with friends - we have the perfect van for your needs. And with our bookable extras, you can start your adventure even more relaxed. Take a look around and find your dream campervan!

Tip: You can park your car for free on our PIA site during your adventure in one of our campervans.



So that at the end of your adventure you don’t have to look for a petrol station to return the campervan clean and full of fuel, we have selected the nearest gas stations for you:


Turmöl SPAR express
Mariazellerstraße 17, 3100 St. Pölten

JET Petrol station
Mariazellerstraße 91, 3100 St. Pölten


Various apps and websites can help you find fresh water supply and waste water disposal stations, such as Alpaca Camping, a page that shows you nearby supply and disposal stations.

In addition, we will be happy to advise you on everything you need for your trip.


In Lower Austria

Breathtaking buildings such as Melk Abbey or relaxing hikes in the countryside - Lower Austria has plenty of sights to offer:  


Melk Abbey: Immerse yourself in the magnificent baroque architecture and rich history of this Benedictine monastery, which towers majestically over the Danube.

Wachau World Heritage Trail: Enjoy a picturesque hike along the Danube through the Wachau region, past terraced vineyards, charming villages and medieval castle ruins.

Ötscher stalactite cave: Enter a fascinating underworld and marvel at the bizarre formations and glittering stalactites in one of the largest stalactite caves in Europe.

Hinterbrühl Lake Grotto: Discover the mysterious atmosphere of this former gypsum mine, which has developed into an underground lake with boat trips, and experience a unique subterranean landscape.

Schönbrunn Palace: Strictly speaking, Schönbrunn Palace is located in Vienna - but is still a short drive away. Experience the royal splendour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the opulent rooms and stroll through the extensive palace gardens.


Of course, you can also start an entire trip around Austria or Europe from Lower Austria and embark on a longer adventure with one of our vans! There are no limits to your desire to travel (except maybe by the sea 😉).

When is the best time to visit lower austria?

The ideal time to discover Lower Austria in a campervan is in spring, summer and autumn. But it depends a little on your preferences. In spring, the temperatures slowly rise, nature comes to life and the landscape blossoms in all its splendour. This is a great time for hiking, cycling and visiting the wine regions, as the weather is often mild and pleasant. In the summer months (July-August), the warm weather provides the ideal conditions for all outdoor activities such as swimming, boating or visiting the various outdoor events. In autumn, until around the end of October, the region boasts a unique and colourful landscape. Which type are you? 


Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum hire period for our PIA campers is 3 days.

In exceptional cases, we also rent for shorter periods. Please send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

Are winter tyres available for my PIA Camper?

Depending on the season and weather conditions, our campers are of course equipped with the optimum tyres.

Can I smoke in my PIA camper?

Our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles.

Please note that smoking is therefore prohibited in all our campers.

Do the PIA campers have a towbar?

Yes, some vehicles have a trailer towbar. These are clearly indicated in the equipment list of the PIA Campers.

Can I find out the licence plate number of my PIA camper before I pick it up?

We will be happy to provide you with the licence plate number in advance. Please send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

Can I choose the colour of my camper?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible as the booking is automated and we have to take availability into account. But you can look forward to a guaranteed cool vehicle.

How much does it cost to rent a PIA Camper?

You can find all information about our prices directly in the camper vans when booking. Depending on the equipment, our camper vans cost between € 89,- and € 109,- per rental day in the low season (April to mid-June and mid-September to the end of October). In the high season, the daily hire price is between € 109,- and € 139,- depending on the model.

Which countries can I travel to with my PIA Camper?

Your PIA Camper is available for adventures throughout Europe (in the geographical sense - for more information, see Art. 3 ABBKF). The best way to find out about exact regional or country-specific regulations is to visit the website of the respective country.

How are PIA Camper insured?

The PIA camper is well protected by fully comprehensive and third-party liability insurance throughout Europe.

The excess in the event of damage is € 800,-. If you opt for our carefree package when booking, you can reduce this by half.

For how many people are the PIA campers suitable?

Our PIA Camper are suitable for up to 3-5 people. Nothing stands in the way of a wonderful family holiday or trip with friends.

You can find detailed information on how many people can travel or sleep in the camper van on the model page.

Which vehicle models can I book with PIA Camper?

Our fleet includes a wide range of original VW California models: From the cosy Caddy California, the California Beach, Coast and the luxurious Ocean to the space miracle, the Grand California, PIA Camper has the right vehicle for every passionate camper.

What equipment do the PIA campers offer?

You can find detailed descriptions of the equipment in our camper vans HERE.

Can I buy a PIA Camper?

Yes, our vehicles are also for sale.

You can find all our models for sale at https://www.piacamper.at/de/campervans/camper-kaufen/

Alternatively, you can contact us at info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at or speak to one of our colleagues directly when pick9ing up over or returnuing the camper at the site.

Can I view the PIA Camper before booking?

Yes, it is possible to view the PIA camper at selected locations. To make an appointment, simply send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

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