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Cooling campers – How to beat the summer heat in the van

Cooling campers – How to beat the summer heat in the van

Here are some tips:  

Ventilate: Use the natural breeze. During the day, when the outside temperature is not too high, open your camper's windows to let in fresh air. Make sure you also open roof hatches or vents to allow good air circulation. In hot weather, it is advisable to open the windows early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are more pleasant.

Sun protection: Keep the heat out. Insulating your camper well can help keep out the heat. Use reflective window films to reduce sunlight. This prevents your RV from heating up like a greenhouse. Additionally, you can use curtains or thermal blinds to block direct sunlight.

Fans: Keep the air moving. Fans are an effective way to improve air circulation in your RV. Place one or more fans strategically inside to move the air and create a comfortable climate. Get a handy, mobile fan for your trip. A tip: point a fan at a bowl filled with ice to create a cooling effect.

Shade: Look for natural shade sources. When choosing a place to park your RV, pay attention to natural shade sources such as trees or buildings. By parking in the shade, you reduce the direct sunlight on your vehicle and keep it pleasantly cool. Alternatively, you can use awnings or beach shelters to create additional shade.

Awnings: Expand your shaded area. An awning is a great addition to your campervan. Not only does it create additional shade, but it also expands your outdoor living space. With an awning you can relax in the shade and enjoy the cooler breeze. It is easy to assemble and a practical accessory for the summer.


Refreshing snacks to cool you down

Cool Drinks: Stay hydrated. On hot days it is important to drink enough fluids. Prepare cooling drinks like lemonades, iced teas, or homemade smoothies to keep you refreshed and hydrated. With a portable blender you can mix delicious drinks and smoothies flexibly during your trip.

Here are some delicious recipes you can try:

Watermelon Slushie: Blend fresh watermelon with ice cubes and a squeeze of lemon juice. Refine it with mint or ginger as desired.

Cucumber lemonade: Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with cucumber slices, water and a little honey or agave syrup. Let the mixture steep in the fridge and enjoy it iced.

Berry Smoothie: Blend frozen berries, yogurt and a banana into a creamy smoothie. You can also add ice cubes for extra refreshment.



In addition to cooling the camper, we would also like to recommend some holiday destinations that are known for their pleasant temperatures. Here are some refreshing destinations that are perfect for a summer vacation with your PIA camper:

The Scandinavian countries: such as Sweden or Finland, which offer breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear lakes and pleasantly cool temperatures. Explore the fjords, hike through the forests or enjoy the midnight sun. Sweden is located right on the Arctic Circle, which means you can be sure you won't experience a heatwave there. During the months of July and August, the maximum temperatures in Sweden are 22º, while the minimum temperatures are 13º. In Finland, the average summer temperature is around +20°C.

The Alpine region: Whether in Austria, Switzerland or Germany: The Alps offer a pleasant way to cool off with fresh mountain air. Discover picturesque mountain villages, climb peaks and relax by clear mountain lakes.

We hope our tips will help you survive the summer heat in a campervan and make your trip enjoyable. Don't forget that the PIA camper models are equipped with air conditioning that you can use if necessary. But with the right measures, you can achieve pleasant cooling even without air conditioning.


Enjoy your summer in the PIA Camper and stay cool!


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