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30 Years of Experience


Welcome to our Competence Centre in St. Johann in Tirol - THE Austrian contact for the individual conversion of your VW bus into a unique camper. Our passion for customised camping solutions is at the forefront, supported by a team of experienced employees who have been able to gather their comprehensive know-how and expertise for over 30 years. 

At the St. Johann Competence Centre, we offer innovative solutions that perfectly combine flexibility and functionality. Our modular conversion concept for minibuses adapts to your needs and can be extended, converted or fully converted depending on your requirements. This means you are free to choose whether you want to use your vehicle as a van or as a fully equipped campervan. After the initial installation of our module, the vehicles can be converted between fully functional delivery vans and smart campervans in no time at all - without compromising their suitability for everyday use. 

In St. Johann, you also have the option of customising your camper with additional features such as a sleeping roof or auxiliary heating to make your camping trips even more comfortable. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail on the various options and help you realise your dream camper. 


Whether it's a short trip over the weekend, a spontaneous trip to the lake with bikes, an extended summer holiday or helping friends move house. The innovative and modular extension concept from BROME Van camping fulfils all your individual wishes. Depending on use, it can be converted or fully extended at any time.

The modules are screwed onto a simple fastening system based on a base plate with fixing points. The installation is easy to carry out and has been tested for both suitability and reliability. When selecting the materials, particular attention was paid to sustainability.

Functional bed

Multifunctional bed with five different application areas (bench with backrest, corner bench, single bed, double bed and lounge chair) | Storage space under the functional bed | Choice of different upholstery fabrics


Gas-powered camping cooker, induction hob, water supply and storage space for food and cooking utensils | Running water via a water pump from a 12 litre water tank | Flap fitting serves as a windbreak, work surface or table


Compressor cool box from ‘Dometic’ and storage space for 1.5 litre bottles | Connection to the cigarette lighter | Low-noise cooling, low energy consumption and optimum ventilation

Storage Space

Wheel arch panelling for additional storage space as well as storage and bed extension. | Storage module with anti-slip mats: three drawers and cutlery pull-out | Drawer module: multifunctional use in the vehicle with grid system

Base plate

Base plate: The base plate is the basis of our module extension with the screw points for fixing the modules; they can be removed and rearranged at any time

Insulation material

Insulation material and felt panels for the tailgate, side walls and sliding door; for a pleasant interior feel.


Distribution plate incl. 230V and 12V connection, external socket*, USB adapter, battery holder and ‘Fraron’ charger

Have You Caught the Travel Bug?


With our innovative and modular conversion concept, you can adapt your bus to your needs in no time at all, whether it's a van or a mobile home. Our team at the St. Johann in Tirol site will ensure that the conversion module is installed professionally so that you can pick up your camper van with the conversion module installed after just a few hours.

For those who are handy and want to install the conversion module themselves, our PIA Market offers the innovative and modular conversion concept for purchase. Our detailed instructions guide you through the entire installation process.  You can simply have the module delivered to your nearest PIA shop and then collect it there. The electrical installation is not included in the price when purchasing the module for self-installation. We recommend at least having the outdoor socket installed by a specialist workshop.

After the successful installation of the modules prefabricated by Brome Van camping OG, it is necessary to make arrangements with the local vehicle registration office regarding the registration of the vehicle.

Do you still have questions about the modules, installation and removal or PIA Camper in general?

Simply contact us at info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at- we will be happy to help you!

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