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Let yourself be enchanted by Tyrol, the heart of the Alps! With its picturesque valleys, imposing mountain peaks and historic towns, Tyrol is the ideal destination for anyone who loves freedom on four wheels. Imagine waking up with a view of sun-drenched peaks or next to a crystal-clear mountain lake. Every day a new adventure, every place a fresh discovery.

With a campervan from PIA Camper, you always have your home with you and can be as flexible and spontaneous as you feel like. This means you can not only explore the most beautiful places in Tyrol, but also travel to the most remote corners of Europe. PIA Camper makes it possible. So pack your bags, start the engine and enjoy the freedom!

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We have two locations in Tyrol - that means twice as many options for you to hire your dream campervan! In Kufstein and Innsbruck, you'll not only find plenty of perfectly equipped campervan models so you can set off on an adventure straight away, but also numerous bookable extras that will make your trip even more enjoyable and carefree. From compact adventurers for city breaks to spacious family campers, our fleet is as versatile as your travel plans. Let yourself be inspired and choose the model that best suits your next road trip. Visit us in Innsbruck or Kufstein and start your adventure!

Tip: You can park your car free of charge on our PIA premises during your adventure in one of our campervans.

Camping in Tyrol

Discover Tyrol with your PIA Camper! This jewel in the heart of the Alps invites you to unforgettable adventures all year round:

While in spring (March to May) the mountain meadows glow in bright colours and the peaks are still covered in snow, Tyrol offers a unique experience full of contrasts. During this transitional period, you can enjoy the spring freshness and bright sunshine in the PIA Camper.

In summer (June to August), the region comes to life: The days are endless, the mountain lakes crystal clear and the panoramas simply breathtaking. It is the ideal time to hike amidst the natural beauty of Tyrol or simply enjoy the view.

When autumn arrives (September to November), the mountains turn into a sea of gold and red. This time of year is perfect for experiencing the harvest festivals in the villages and towns. So take the opportunity to fill your PIA Camper with regional delicacies and explore the authentic Tyrol up close.

Camping spots in Tyrol

Tirol is an ideal place for all camping enthusiasts. Between majestic peaks, deep blue lakes and green valleys, there are countless campsites offering breathtaking views and direct access to numerous leisure activities. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to watch the stars or are planning an active holiday with hiking, cycling and climbing, Tirol has the perfect campsite for you.  Complemented by the warm Tyrolean hospitality, your camping trip in Tyrol will be an unforgettable experience.

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Experience Resort Aufenfeld

This site offers a mix of traditional camping and modern amenities. There is a swimming lake, an indoor swimming pool, several playgrounds and sports facilities. Ideal for families and sports enthusiasts, who can let off steam on the hiking and mountain bike trails in the surrounding area.

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Euro Camp Wilder Kaiser in Kössen

This campsite is located at the foot of the impressive Kaiser Mountains and offers fantastic views. It has a small indoor pool and plenty of facilities for children, making it a favourite for families. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, skiing and paragliding.

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Zugspitz Resort Campsite

As the name suggests, this campsite is located close to the impressive Zugspitze massif. The views from here are spectacular. The site offers first-class facilities, including a wellness area and heated bathing facilities. It is also an ideal starting point for hiking, climbing and mountain biking adventures.

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Camping Seeblick Toni

The "Camping Seeblick Toni" campsite is located on the shores of Lake Reintal in Alpbachtal. With direct access to an exclusive bathing beach, this site offers modern facilities, a children's entertainment programme and a wellness area. Ideal for summer and winter sports enthusiasts, the campsite is an ideal retreat for active holidaymakers and those seeking relaxation.

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Camping Ötztal in Längenfeld

The Ötztal is known for its impressive mountains and thermal springs. The campsite is close to the Aqua Dome thermal spa and guests can visit the spa at discounted prices. There are also many opportunities for hiking, cycling and skiing in the region.

Tyrol Is The Ideal Place For All Camping-Enthusiasts!

What can i do in Tyrol?

Activ in Tyrol

Tyrol, often referred to as the heart of the Alps, is not only an idyllic paradise for nature lovers, but also a hotspot for sports enthusiasts. Whether skiing in first-class ski resorts, mountain biking on challenging trails, hiking through picturesque Alpine valleys or climbing on steep rock faces - Tyrol has the right adventure for beginners and pros alike.

With PIA Camper you experience the freedom to discover this idyllic sports paradise at your own pace. Park your camper near a hiking trail, a ski lift station or a mountain bike trail and immerse yourself in the Tyrolean adventure!


Mountain biking: Tyrol offers a variety of mountain bike trails that lead through picturesque Alpine valleys, over mountain ridges and through dense forests. Beginners and pros alike will find challenging and varied routes

Hiking: The region is famous for its extensive network of hiking trails. From leisurely strolls in the valley to high-altitude tours lasting several days -- Tirol offers hiking experiences in breathtaking Alpine landscapes.

Trail running: For those who love running in the great outdoors, Tirol offers challenging trail running routes that lead through forests, across meadows and along mountain paths.

Climbing: With its steep rock faces and numerous climbing gardens, Tirol is a paradise for climbers. Both beginners and experienced climbers can test and improve their skills here.

Downhilling: Adrenaline junkies can master steep descents and technically challenging sections on specially designed downhill mountain bike trails in Tirol.


Culinary delights in Tyrol

Go on a culinary journey of discovery in Tyrol with PIA Camper! Tyrolean cuisine is not only a tantalising blend of tradition and modern influences, the dishes are also served in the midst of the breathtaking Alpine landscape. When travelling with one of our campervans, you will quickly realise that the cuisine here is more than just food: it is a reflection of the rich culture and history of the region. From hearty Tyrolean bacon and specialities with melted cheese to the legendary Kaiserschmarrn - the regional delicacies are a feast for the palate. Local produce, fresh from the Alpine meadows and clear mountain streams, takes centre stage in Tyrolean cuisine.


Tiroler Gröstl: A true comfort food from Tyrol. Tiroler Gröstl combines fried potatoes with juicy beef or crispy bacon. The spice of marjoram gives it its characteristic flavour. Traditionally served in an iron pan, it is often topped with a fried egg to round off the savoury mixture.

Kasnudeln/Käsespätzle: A feast for the taste buds of cheese lovers. The soft spaetzle is mixed with melting mountain cheese and then sprinkled with golden brown fried onions. This hearty dish is not only a treat for the palate, but also warms you up from the inside out - perfect after a day in the Tyrolean mountains or on the road in your PIA camper.

Bacon dumplings: a piece of Tyrolean tradition on a plate. These savoury bread dumplings are topped with aromatic bacon and can swim in a clear meat broth or serve as a filling side dish to meat dishes. Their rustic flavour is reminiscent of rural Tyrolean cuisine.

Zillertal Krapfen: A culinary highlight from the Zillertal. The crescent-shaped dumplings are filled with a creamy filling of curd cheese, potatoes and a hint of mint. Fried until golden brown, they offer an unmistakable flavour that is both rustic and refined.

Kiachl: A sweet or savoury temptation. This fluffy yeast pastry is baked in fat until golden brown. For those with a sweet tooth, it is often served with cranberry jam. If you prefer savoury, you can look forward to a portion of Kiachl with sauerkraut. A versatile treat that is deeply rooted in Tyrolean cuisine.


Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum hire period for our PIA campers is 3 days.

In exceptional cases, we also rent for shorter periods. Please send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

Are winter tyres available for my PIA Camper?

Depending on the season and weather conditions, our campers are of course equipped with the optimum tyres.

Can I smoke in my PIA camper?

Our vehicles are non-smoking vehicles.

Please note that smoking is therefore prohibited in all our campers.

Do the PIA campers have a towbar?

Yes, some vehicles have a trailer towbar. These are clearly indicated in the equipment list of the PIA Campers.

Can I find out the licence plate number of my PIA camper before I pick it up?

We will be happy to provide you with the licence plate number in advance. Please send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

Can I choose the colour of my camper?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible as the booking is automated and we have to take availability into account. But you can look forward to a guaranteed cool vehicle.

How much does it cost to rent a PIA Camper?

You can find all information about our prices directly in the camper vans when booking. Depending on the equipment, our camper vans cost between € 89,- and € 109,- per rental day in the low season (April to mid-June and mid-September to the end of October). In the high season, the daily hire price is between € 109,- and € 139,- depending on the model.

Which countries can I travel to with my PIA Camper?

Your PIA Camper is available for adventures throughout Europe (in the geographical sense - for more information, see Art. 3 ABBKF). The best way to find out about exact regional or country-specific regulations is to visit the website of the respective country.

How are PIA Camper insured?

The PIA camper is well protected by fully comprehensive and third-party liability insurance throughout Europe.

The excess in the event of damage is € 800,-. If you opt for our carefree package when booking, you can reduce this by half.

For how many people are the PIA campers suitable?

Our PIA Camper are suitable for up to 3-5 people. Nothing stands in the way of a wonderful family holiday or trip with friends.

You can find detailed information on how many people can travel or sleep in the camper van on the model page.

Which vehicle models can I book with PIA Camper?

Our fleet includes a wide range of original VW California models: From the cosy Caddy California, the California Beach, Coast and the luxurious Ocean to the space miracle, the Grand California, PIA Camper has the right vehicle for every passionate camper.

What equipment do the PIA campers offer?

You can find detailed descriptions of the equipment in our camper vans HERE.

Can I buy a PIA Camper?

Yes, our vehicles are also for sale.

You can find all our models for sale at https://www.piacamper.at/de/campervans/camper-kaufen/

Alternatively, you can contact us at info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at or speak to one of our colleagues directly when pick9ing up over or returnuing the camper at the site.

Can I view the PIA Camper before booking?

Yes, it is possible to view the PIA camper at selected locations. To make an appointment, simply send an e-mail to info(xmsAt)piacamper(xmsDot)at .

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