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Navi or Google Maps – What is the best navigation option for the camper?

Navi or Google Maps – What is the best navigation option for the camper?
Traditional Navis - The classics

Traditional sat navs have been a popular choice for campers and other vehicles for many years. They offer RV-specific features and allow you to consider height limits, weight limits, and other important information. These devices are usually easy to use and often provide offline maps, which can be particularly useful when traveling in areas with poor network coverage. Another advantage is that they do not depend on an internet connection, so you can navigate even in remote regions. However, traditional sat navs can be expensive and require regular updates to stay current.

Navi apps - the practical companion

With the advent of smartphones, navigation apps have become increasingly popular. There are a variety of apps designed specifically for RVs, offering features such as height and weight limits and campsite information. Navigation apps often have the advantage of being regularly updated and adding new functions. They are also usually cheaper than traditional sat navs. However, they require an internet connection to download maps and traffic data, which can be problematic in remote areas. The battery consumption of the smartphone can also be a factor to consider.

Google Maps - The all-rounder

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation solutions and offers a variety of functions that can also be useful for campers. It offers real-time traffic information, alternative route suggestions and an intuitive interface. You can also search for campsites, gas stations or supermarkets directly in the app. A big advantage of Google Maps is the frequent updates of the maps and the constant improvement of the functions. Since the app runs on your smartphone, it is always connected to the internet, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Reliance on an internet connection can be problematic in rural areas or abroad, but in most cases this shouldn't be a major problem.

Which form of navigation is suitable for whom?

If you're an experienced camper who regularly explores remote regions, a traditional sat nav might be the best choice for you. It gives you the peace of mind to navigate without an internet connection, and the RV-specific features can help you avoid potential obstacles.

For those looking for an all-in-one solution and want to benefit from the many features that Google Maps offers, this option could be the best. With Google Maps you not only get reliable navigation, but also up-to-date traffic data that helps you avoid traffic jams. In addition, you can easily search for campsites, restaurants and other important locations along your route using the built-in search functions. However, note that you need a stable internet connection to use Google Maps. One way to use Google Maps despite a slow or non-existent internet connection would be to download the map of the respective country before the planned trip in order to get to your desired destination with Google Maps even in offline mode.

It is important to remember that the choice of navigation method also depends on your personal preferences and needs. For example, if you already have a traditional sat nav and are happy with it, there may be no reason to switch to another option. However, if you own a smartphone and value the flexibility of navigation apps or Google Maps, you should consider these options.

Many of our campervans, which are offered at 13 different locations across Austria, are already equipped with a navigation system and some also with Carplay.

"Google Maps for motorhomes: to download for Android Nutzer: App or Apple Nutzer: App.

We hope this article helped you better understand the pros and cons of different camper navigation options. No matter which option you ultimately choose, we wish you a safe and pleasant journey!


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