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Cat in the camper – tips for a camper vacation with a house cat

Cat in the camper – tips for a camper vacation with a house cat

1. The right considerations before traveling

Before you get started, there are a few important considerations you should keep in mind to ensure your cat enjoys their camping vacation:

Every cat is unique, and it is important to consider your cat's personality and age. Some cats are more adventurous and adaptable than others. Observe your cat and make sure it is comfortable in new environments and is coping well with changes. Also, make sure there is enough space for a cozy corner with their carrier, food bowls, and a litter box.



2. Packing list for a camper vacation with a cat

So that you don't forget anything important, we have put together a packing list that will help you prepare for your camping holiday with your cat:

Cat Crate: A safe and comfortable carrier is essential to keep your cat safe while traveling. Make sure it is large enough and offers adequate ventilation.

Food and Water: Take enough food and water with you for the entire duration of the trip. Use your cat's usual food to avoid digestive problems.

Litter Box: Don’t forget to pack a litter box and clean it regularly. Your cat needs a permanent place to attend to its needs.

Toys and Blankets: Bring your cat’s familiar toys and don’t forget the blankets! Your cat's toys will give her a feeling of home and help her feel comfortable in the camper. Blankets or pillows for her to rest on are also important to keep her comfortable and safe. Here you will find the best game ideas for your cat.

Medication and Vet Records: If your cat needs special medication, be sure to pack it. Also have any important veterinary documents ready in case you need veterinary care during the trip.



3. Tips for a successful holiday with a cat in a camper

Now that you are well prepared, here are some valuable tips to make your RV vacation with your cat a success:

Slow acclimatization: Get your cat used to the RV slowly by letting him play in it first. Create a cozy corner with her familiar items to make her feel safe.

Safety first: Make sure all windows and doors in the RV are securely closed to prevent escape or injury. During the journey, your cat should always be in its transport box to protect it from injuries.

Maintain a routine: Try to maintain your cat's usual feeding and play times to give him a sense of stability. Cats feel most comfortable when they have a certain routine.

Safe access: If you decide to go outdoors, make sure the environment is safe. Always keep your cat under supervision and do not let him run around outdoors unattended.

Regular breaks: Schedule regular breaks during the journey so your cat can stretch and take care of its needs. Look for suitable rest areas or campsites with a quiet environment where your cat can relax.



A camping holiday with your cat can be a wonderful experience that will give you both unforgettable memories. By considering your cat's needs and preferences and making the right preparations, you will create a safe and comfortable environment for them in the RV. 

Remember that every cat is individual and needs its own time to adapt to new situations. Be patient and pay attention to your cat's well-being throughout the journey. Grab your furry companion, pack the necessary items and start your cat in a camper adventure! It will be a journey full of joy, discoveries and special moments, we wish you and your cat a fantastic camping holiday!

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