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Glamping in a camper: This is how you make yourself really comfortable

Glamping in a camper: This is how you make yourself really comfortable

What is glamping?

Glamping, a combination of words “glamour” and “camping”, describes a form of camping that combines luxury and nature. Instead of spending the night in a simple tent or caravan, glamping holidaymakers sleep in luxurious tents, tree houses or other unusual accommodations. Glamping campsites often offer additional amenities such as pools, spas or gourmet restaurants.



For a successful glamping holiday, you should think about what requirements you have for the camper and the campsite in advance. Here are some tips:


Glamping means not only comfort, but also adventure. Choose a campsite that excites you and meets your needs. 4 and 5 star campsites in particular offer a variety of luxury amenities.


With a few additional accessories you can make your camping experience even more luxurious. Here are a few suggestions: comfortable lounge chairs, a parasol, cozy blankets and pillows, fine crockery and cutlery, wine and champagne. There are also many small electronic gadgets that you can take with you, such as power banks, to ensure that you are always has enough power for the cell phone and solar chargers to use the environmentally friendly energy. A portable air conditioner or fan is also a great way to stay cool in hot camper temperatures.


A good night's sleep is crucial for a successful camping holiday. With our PIA campers we offer you a cozy place to sleep with a comfortable mattress to ensure you are rested and ready for the day.


A terrace provides additional outdoor living space and allows one to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Our PIA campers feature an awning that can be set up quickly and easily to create a covered patio.


However, if you're looking for even more luxury, there are a number of campsites in Austria that offer 4 or 5 star facilities. Here are some of the best luxurious campsites in Austria:

Location and surroundings: Wellnesscamping Nenzing is in an idyllic location surrounded by green meadows and majestic mountains. The untouched nature creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere that will help you leave everyday stress behind and completely relax. The area also offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and walks.

Wellness facilities: Wellnesscamping Nenzing offers a wide range of wellness facilities that will help you regenerate your body and mind. Relax in the sauna, this sauna area offers a Finnish earth sauna, an organic herbal sauna and a steam bath. You can also relax in the relaxation room with lounge beds and simply unwind. Enjoy soothing massages or take a refreshing swim in the pool.  There are also yoga and meditation classes to help you completely unwind and enter a state of inner peace.

Camping equipment: Wellnesscamping Nenzing has the most modern facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible. There are spacious parking spaces for campervans, clean sanitary facilities with warm showers and a friendly and helpful staff who will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Leisure activities: In addition to the wellness facilities, Wellnesscamping Nenzing also offers a variety of leisure activities for the whole family. Use the tennis courts, beach volleyball court or fitness area to stay active. For children there is a playground and an animation program that offers them fun and entertainment.

Culinary delights: Wellnesscamping Nenzing attaches great importance to good food and offers you a gastronomic variety that will pamper your taste buds. The Garfrenga Restaurant or the exclusive Himmelwärts offers a fresh and local cuisine with heavenly dishes carefully prepared to give you an unforgettable dining experience. There is also a cozy bar where you can relax with refreshing drinks.


Location and surroundings: The Sportcamp Woferlgut is located in picturesque surroundings in Zell am See and offers you a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and the nearby lake. The idyllic location allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while benefiting from proximity to city amenities.

Camping facilities: Luxury Camping Zell am See - Sportcamp Woferlgut offers all the facilities and amenities you need for a comfortable stay in your rented campervan. There are modern sanitary facilities with showers and toilets, washing facilities, electricity connections and convenient water and wastewater services. The friendly staff is available at any time and will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Leisure activities: In addition to the comfort of the campsite, Sportcamp Woferlgut offers a variety of leisure activities that will make your stay unforgettable. Explore the surrounding nature on hikes, bike rides or water sports activities on the lake. The camp also offers a wide range of sports facilities such as tennis courts, a gym and even an 18-hole golf course.

On-site amenities: For added comfort and enjoyment, Sportcamp Woferlgut offers various dining options, including a restaurant serving regional cuisine and a cozy bar where you can relax and enjoy the company of other van lovers. There are also shops, a supermarket and Wi-Fi access throughout the campsite.

Culinary delights: At Luxury Camping Zell am See - Sportcamp Woferlgut, an outstanding culinary experience awaits you in the in-house restaurant “Alpenblick”. The Alpenblick Restaurant offers first-class cuisine with a variety of dishes prepared by talented chefs. Here you can enjoy regional specialties made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. From juicy steaks to delicate fish dishes and delicious vegetarian options - the Alpenblick restaurant leaves nothing to be desired.


Location and surroundings: Camping Aufenfeld is nestled in the middle of a breathtaking natural environment in Austria. The green meadows, majestic mountains and clear lakes provide an idyllic backdrop for your camping holiday. Take advantage of the proximity to nature and explore the surrounding area on hikes, bike tours or water sports activities.

Camping facilities: Camping Aufenfeld offers you modern facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay. There are spacious parking spaces for campervans, motorhomes and tents as well as clean sanitary facilities with warm showers. There are also laundry facilities, power points and a friendly staff who will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Activities and adventures: At Camping Aufenfeld there are a variety of activities and adventures that will make your stay unforgettable. Explore the surrounding nature on hikes or bike tours and discover hidden waterfalls, picturesque valleys and breathtaking viewpoints. Take part in guided climbing tours or experience the thrill of rafting or canyoning in the nearby rivers.

For families there is a playground and an animation program that offers fun and entertainment for younger guests. The campsite also has a swimming pool where you can refresh yourself on warm summer days.

Culinary delights: Camping Aufenfeld also offers you a gastronomic variety to pamper your taste buds. The on-site Jagdhof Keiler restaurant serves delicious regional specialties made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a relaxed meal and sample local dishes to experience the culinary diversity of the region. There is also the western steakhouse "White Horse Saloon" experience restaurant for steak fans, which, in addition to the unique atmosphere, surprises you with hearty delicacies from the Wild West cuisine with ribs, chili con carne & Co! Culinary enjoyment à la cowboys and Indians.

Overall, luxury camping or glamping offers an incomparable experience for anyone who wants to combine the comfort of a hotel with the freedom and closeness to nature of camping. With our PIA campervans you can take this experience even further and treat yourself to the ultimate camping adventure. Our well-equipped campers offer everything you need for a luxurious camping holiday. Whether you choose a 4 or 5 star campsite or glamping on the lake, an unforgettable holiday is guaranteed.


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