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Plan a road trip: your first step into #Vanlife

Plan a road trip: your first step into #Vanlife


Before you get started, there are a few important things to consider. Here are some steps you should plan in advance:



If you crave warm and sunny weather, the summer months are your best bet. There are pleasant temperatures and longer days, which gives you more time for outdoor activities and exploring nature. Whether you want to drive along the coast, travel through scenic landscapes or visit national parks, summer offers optimal conditions for it.

Autumn is also a popular time for road trips. Temperatures are still pleasant and the landscape is in vibrant colors as the leaves change color. This is a great time to explore nature, go on hikes and enjoy breathtaking views.

Spring, on the other hand, offers a different kind of beauty. The plants come to life and the landscape is covered in fresh greenery and colorful flowers. This is a good time to visit areas rich in flora and fauna and enjoy the pleasant weather before summer tourism begins.

It is also important to keep peak seasons and holidays in mind. During holiday periods and weekends there may be more traffic and a larger number of tourists. If you prefer a quieter trip, try traveling outside of these times.

In addition, you should also check possible travel restrictions that may occur due to natural events, road closures or pandemics. Find out about any current warnings or restrictions before your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises and make your trip safe.


Although our PIA campers are only rented within Austria, you can travel throughout Europe (in the geographical sense). This means you have a diverse choice of itineraries and destinations to create your adventure. Whether you want to explore the impressive Alpine passes, drive along the picturesque coastal roads or visit historic cities and cultural treasures - with a PIA camper you have the freedom to discover Europe on your own. 

We have already posted a few blog posts on various routes, from beginner-friendly to slightly longer routes, or excursion destinations. Please take a look and get inspiration for your next trip.


During your road trip with a PIA camper you have the opportunity to discover a variety of first-class pitches. There are numerous pitches both in Austria and across Europe that offer you unforgettable camping experiences. You can get valuable information for your trip from our previously published blog posts about pitches within Austria. They will give you tips on some of the best campsites to visit on your road trip. So feel free to take a look at these blogs and find the perfect pitch that will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

To make sure you have everything you need without forgetting anything, we've created a camper's checklist for you:
Camping for Beginners - The Ultimate Checklist





A road trip with a PIA campervan is a great way to explore the world, but it's important to keep an eye on the costs. Here are some cost factors you should consider:

1. Rental or purchase cost of the PIA campervan: depending on the type of campervan, costs can vary. Compare the prices of our camping vans from PIA Camper and find the best deal for your needs. We rent vans from our smallest model, the Caddy California with 5 seats and 2 sleeping places up to our large Grand California (rental from 160€ / day) with 4 seats and sleeping places. We also charge a service fee and offer optional extras (such as camping chairs or your pet).

2. Refuelling costs: Plan your budget for the tank, as this will make up a large part of your expenses during the road trip. On the ÖAMTC Website you can compare petrol prices and find the cheapest petrol stations in your preferred location within Austria.

3. camping and pitch fees: Depending on the type of pitch, costs may vary. Find out about the fees in advance and book in advance if necessary. In Austria, the costs for one night vary from around €20 to €80 or more. Of course, it depends on which campsite facilities you prefer and its location.

4. Provisions: Consider the cost of food and restaurants during the road trip. It can be cheaper to cook for yourself, but you can always try out nearby restaurants and campsite buffets / cafes to try new specialities, especially abroad.



With the right planning steps and information, you can successfully plan your first road trip with a PIA Camper. Follow the tips for pre-planning, find good routes and pitches and choose the right camper model from PIA Camper.  

Another tip would be to follow social media channels about camping and campsites and get more inspiration there. We have already collaborated with some influencers who have travelled with our PIA campers and posted content about them, such as @manisways on Instagram. Follow them to find out what it's like to be travelling with our campers and how many opportunities they offer you on your trip.   

Get ready for the start of your road trip with PIA Camper and be inspired by the endless possibilities that #vanlife with PIA Camper offers you! We invite you to embark on a journey with one of our vans and discover the world from a new perspective. Experience the freedom, flexibility and comfort of our high-quality camping vans and create unforgettable memories along the road. 

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Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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