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10 Camping Hacks: Tips & Tricks for stress-free & comfortable travel in a camper

10 Camping Hacks: Tips & Tricks for stress-free & comfortable travel in a camper

The camping season is finally here and with it the anticipation of unforgettable adventures in nature. Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the field, one thing is for sure: clever camping hacks can make life outdoors much more comfortable and help you get the most out of your camping experience. In this blog article we will share some brilliant tricks and handy gadgets that will enhance your camping life and help you feel at home in the wilderness.

Clever Tricks for Camping

Camping often requires improvisation and creativity to adapt to changing conditions. With some simple but effective camping hacks, you can overcome many challenges while improving the comfort of your camp

Organisation in the Camp

A well-organized campsite not only provides more comfort, but also makes everyday life easier. Small, resealable glass containers are ideal for this purpose. They are extremely practical for storing various foods, spices or even kitchen utensils neatly and safely. They also prevent spills and the entry of unwanted guests such as ants or mice. Also, it's worth using a hanging organizer bag for clothes, shoes or other items in the tent or RV to save space and keep everything close at hand.


Preparation is Key

Another clever idea is to make pre-made packets of pancake or omelet mix. This saves you time and space in your backpack and allows you to prepare a delicious meal in no time. With our well-equipped camping kitchen in the PIA campers, you have every opportunity to prepare delicious dishes and enrich the camping experience with culinary delights. 


Natural Repellents Against Insects

Encountering annoying insects can spoil the camping experience. However, you don't have to resort to chemical insect repellents; you can also use natural ways to keep mosquitoes away. For example, sage is known for its insect repellent properties. Simply burn some dried sage leaves in a fire and the smoke will drive away the annoying pests. Lemon or orange oil on the skin can also serve as an effective insect repellent without having to apply unpleasant chemicals to the skin.


Barbecue-Starter Alternative With Crisps

No barbecue lighter to hand? No problem! Chips are a great alternative. They burn excellently and get your campfire or barbecue blazing in no time at all, so you can quickly move on to tasty barbecue sessions. Alternatively, you can also use cooking oil or kitchen paper to start an odourless and environmentally friendly barbecue fire.

Dry Feet Thanks to Newspaper

Putting your feet in wet shoes is the worst! Unfortunately, this is one of the risks you face during some outdoor camping activities, such as hiking near watercourses or when it suddenly rains. This camping hack will save your feet from wet, cold shoes and most likely the flu. Simply stuff the newspaper into your shoes overnight and it will absorb the moisture. It's as simple as that, dry shoes and happy feet. 


Nützliche Gadgets für das Camping-Erlebnis

Moskitonet for the Camper

When you sleep in a campervan, it can be particularly annoying to be disturbed by mosquitoes or other insects. A mosquito net specially designed for motorhomes helps to keep these troublemakers out and ensure a peaceful night's sleep. There are various models that can be attached to the windows or entrance of the motorhome and still provide sufficient ventilation.

Fresh Thanks to Solar Shower

A solar shower is a great way to wash yourself while camping, especially if there are no showers nearby. The shower bag is simply filled with water and heated up in the sun so that you can enjoy a pleasantly warm shower outdoors. This is not only practical, but also environmentally friendly, as no additional energy source is required.


Portable Camping Toilet

If you're camping in the wilderness, there may not be any toilets nearby. A portable camping toilet is extremely practical in such situations. There are various models that are easy to transport and easy to dispose of. Make sure to use biodegradable disposable bags or environmentally friendly disposal options to protect nature.


Camping Crockery and Cutlery Sets

Specialised camping crockery and cutlery sets are lightweight and durable. They are ideal for outdoor activities and allow you to cook and eat without much effort - perfect for an uncomplicated outdoor dinner. Look out for robust materials such as stainless steel or lightweight, reusable plastic tableware.


Tipp: You know those little packets of silica gel balls that come in so many packs? You should definitely keep them because they absorb liquids and are therefore a great rust protection for your cutlery!


Practical Small Containers for Refilling 

With our small, resealable glass containers, you'll always be in control of your supplies. Whether it's food, spices or other useful items - everything stays neatly stowed away and nothing spills in your rucksack.

Camping hacks can make camping life much more comfortable and the outdoor experience even more enjoyable. From simple tricks, such as using resealable containers, to useful gadgets, such as mosquito nets and solar showers, there are a variety of ways to optimise your camping adventure.  So grab your camping gear, try out some of these hacks and get ready for your unforgettable moments in nature!

Our PIA campers are waiting to accompany you on your camping adventure. Equipped with flexibility and comfort, you can experience the unspoilt nature, picturesque mountains and dreamy lakes up close. So what are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin! 

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