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Discover Denmark: Between fairy tales, sea and magic – a special kind of road trip

Discover Denmark: Between fairy tales, sea and magic – a special kind of road trip

Smørrebrød, LEGO, Viking and Hygge - these are just a few words that immediately come to mind when you think of Denmark. But the country has much more to offer than just that - Denmark impresses with its diverse landscape, its very special culture and lifestyle as well as the perfect balance of history and modernity: be it because of the architecture, the high level of digitalization or the cosmopolitan attitude of the Danish population.


Get in, buckle up and join us on a fascinating journey through the Northern European jewel!

Route Preview for Your Road Trip

Route: Kopenhagen - Roskilde - Møns Klint - Odense - Aarhus - Aalborg - Skagen


Kopenhagen to Roskilde:
  • Route Length: approx. 35 kilometer
  • Tavel Time: approx. 40 minutes
Roskilde to Møns Klint:
  • Route Length: approx. 130 kilometer
  • Travel Time: about 2 hours
Møns Klint to Odense:
  • Route Length: 180 to 220 kilometer (depending on the Route)
  • Travel Time: approx. 3 to 4 hours
Odense to Aarhus:
  • Route Length: 150 kilometer
  • Travel Time: approx. 1 hour 45 Minutes
Aarhus to Aalborg:
  • Route Length: approx. 120 kilometer
  • Travel Time: approx. 1 hour 20 minutes
Aalborg to Skagen:
  • Route Lenght: approx. 110 kilometer
  • Travel Time: about 1,5 hours
Another tip before we start:

Beware! Wild camping is officially forbidden in Denmark, although there are various tent and natural campsites in forests and meadows - but you are only allowed to camp there, which means: No wild camping in a campervan.

Stop 1 (Starting point): Kopenhagen

Our road trip through Denmark starts in the capital Copenhagen. Even here in the country's metropolis, the typical Danish lifestyle - hygge - can clearly be felt, especially in Nyhavn, the picturesque harbor and cultural center with the colorful houses on the canal, the bars and chic restaurants. Experience the charm of the city on a boat tour past landmarks such as the Little Mermaid, the Black Diamond library and the Christianshavn district with its many houseboats and old houses.


Camping Copenhagen Absalon: This campsite near the capital offers the optimal balance between idyll and the big city. From golf to fitness and swimming to sailing, there is something for every athlete. 

Copenhagen Camping: This campsite also offers a wide range of sports with beach volleyball and mini golf, as well as a spacious indoor and outdoor children's playground as well as a large pool area and a sandy beach.


Smørrebrød: If you are in Copenhagen or Denmark in general, you definitely cannot miss this regional delicacy. Smørrebrød is a special butter bread, usually rye bread, with rich and varied toppings, which is traditionally eaten for lunch.

You should also definitely try an original Danish hot dog with roasted onions and pickled cucumbers.

The restaurants "Aamanns 1921" and "Schønnemanns" are among the best in the city and offer you a wide selection of different dishes from classic to modern. Regional beers and homemade Danish schnapps are served.

  • Tivoli: amusement park
  • Nyhavn: cultural center of the city: harbor with the old, colorful houses on the canal, restaurants, bars that are typical of Copenhagen 
  • Amalienborg Palace: the city residence of Queen Margaret II. 
  • FStrøget pedestrian street: largest shopping area, many restaurants and cafés in the side streets
  • Round Tower: Europe's oldest functioning observatory
  • Rosenborg Castle: Renaissance castle in the middle of the city center & repository of the Danish Crown Jewels
  • Canal tour by excursion boat: cruise past sights such as the Opera House, the Black Diamond Library, the Little Mermaid and Christianshavn (area with many houseboats and old houses)
  • Relax in the Amager beach park, at the lakes or the city parks 
  • Visit the botanical garden

Stop 2: Roskilde

We continue to the old Viking town and the former seat of the Danish monarchy, Roskilde. The Viking Ship Museum in the city's harbor shows the wrecks of five Viking ships and offers a ride on a faithful replica of a warship. Also definitely worth seeing is Roskilde Cathedral, an impressive building with numerous extensions in different styles. Music enthusiasts also don't miss out in Roskilde - the Ragnarok pop museum with its striking and modern architecture is now the cultural center and venue of the music festival Roskilde Festival.


Roskilde Camping: Right by the sea, this campsite offers a perfect balance between a beach holiday and an exciting city trip. A wellness area with sauna ensures relaxation and well-being during your stay.



Wild camping is officially forbidden in Denmark, although there are various tent and natural campsites in forests and meadows - but you are only allowed to camp there, which means: No wild camping in a campervan.


Restaurant Vigen: This first-class restaurant serves mainly Danish and Scandinavian specialties and is also considered one of the best restaurants in Roskilde because of the very good service. 

Restaurant Raadhuskaelderen: Another culinary highlight is the Restaurant Raadhuskaelderen: near the cathedral, excellent specialties of Danish cuisine are offered here.

  • Roskilde Cathedral: UNESCO World Heritage Site; different architectural styles through many extensions
  • Viking ship museum: with impressive history and insights into Viking life
  • Musicon district: former concrete factory; cultural hotspot for artists, musicians, athletes and creative companies
  • Ragnarok Pop Museum: modern architecture and yellow rivet-like exterior facade 
  • Tour with a full-scale replica of an Irish warship in Roskilde Harbour
  • Museums visits
  • Tour of the cathedral: magnificent graves of the deceased rulers, impressive interior with golden altar, wooden organ and royal portal

Stop 3: Møns Klint and Stevns Klint

From the city we now go to the island of Møn to the chalk cliffs Møns Klint and Stevns Klint. This environment makes every athlete's heart beat faster: hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horse riding or even water sports such as sailing, swimming or kayaking - there is the perfect offer for everyone.


Camp Møns Klint: This campsite, close to the limestone cliffs, is surrounded by nature and is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts: long hikes, mountain bike tours or horseback rides along the steep cliffs and the sea are just part of what is on offer.


Restaurant ND122: In this former boathouse near the cliffs you can enjoy the creative and regional dishes of Danish cuisine in an attractive and cozy atmosphere. 

Restaurant Portofino: If you need a change from Danish specialties, you've come to the right place: This restaurant serves its guests Italian dishes from pizza to pasta.

  • Cliffs of Møns Klint and Stevns Klint 
  • Nature, forests and beaches on the island
  • Hikes, bicycle and mountain bike tours and horseback rides along the cliffs of Møns Klint and Stevns Klint
  • Water sports such as kayaking, fishing and sailing
  • Relax on the beaches in front of the cliffs
  • Walks under the night sky and stars



Stop 4: Odense

Odense or the “Fairy Tale City of Denmark” is our fourth stop. The hometown of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is known for its narrow, cobbled streets, colorful houses, Egeskov Castle and of course the H.C. Andersen House - a large museum site in the city's historic district. 

Discover the excellent street food in Storms Pakhus or enjoy dinner at Den Gamle Kro restaurant followed by an evening stroll with the night watchman.


Camping Odense: This campsite is located just a few kilometers from Odense city center, so it is ideal if you plan to visit the city. After a busy day of sightseeing, you can relax by the pool. 

Camp Blommenslyst: Located directly on a lake, this campsite offers absolute relaxation in nature, but the city can still be reached quickly and easily by bike or car.


Storms Pakhus: This market with local and international street food is really recommended. Creative workshops are also offered here. 

Den Gamle Kro: In this historic restaurant with a cozy atmosphere you can get excellent Danish specialties and good service.

  • Munkemose Park: picturesque park in the city where you can find a children's playground, many sculptures and statues and the structure, the fish ladder
  • Egeskov Castle: Castle with an outdoor museum, spacious gardens and various exhibitions
  • Hans Christian Andersen House: large museum area with huge gardens, underground museum and Andersen's birthplace 
  • Open-air museums, exhibitions on Iron Age and Viking history & authentic replicas of Viking villages
  • Odense zoo
  • Visit to the many museums and the recreated Viking villages (e.g.: "Odin's Odense")
  • Festival visits
  • Guided tour of Egeskov Castle: Visit the exhibitions in the castle, such as the fairytale dollhouse "Titania's Palace" with 3000 pieces  
  • Walk with the night watchmen of Odense: shared tour with songs, anecdotes and stories about the city, the Vikings and the night watchman's craft
  • Stroll through “Denmark’s fairytale town” with cobblestone streets, colorful houses and lots of nature


Stop 5: Aarhus

Aarhus, the "City of Smiles", is the second happiest city in the world and is therefore an integral part of our road trip. Highlights such as the rainbow panorama on the roof of the ARoS art museum or the endless bridge in Aarhus Bay make your stay an unforgettable experience. Aarhus is also absolutely worth seeing architecturally: visit the Isbjerget residential area, the Aarhus town hall or the DoKK1 cultural center.


Camping Blommehaven: This campsite is located on the southern edge of the city and, in addition to its location in the forest and directly on the beach, also offers a wide range of leisure activities. 


Mefisto Restaurant & Gårdhave: A friendly and cozy restaurant serving seafood such as oysters, mussels and lobster.

Teater Bodega: This restaurant serves typical Danish specialties in an authentic, cozy atmosphere.

  • Latin Quarter
  • Den Gamle By open-air museum, Moesgaard prehistoric museum
  • ARoS art museum with rainbow panorama
  • Tivoli Friheden amusement park
  • Marselisborg Palace: summer residence of the Danish queen
  • Infinite Bridge 
  • Isbjerget residential area
  • DoKK1 cultural center with various exhibitions, events and libraryDoKK1 cultural center with various exhibitions, events and library
  • Aarhus Town Hall
  • Picturesque road Møllestien from the Viking Age
  • Visit to the Aarhus Festival Week - art, concerts, exhibitions
  • Walk through the botanical gardens, the city and especially Møllestien Street
  • Visit the ARoS Museum, enjoy the view in the rainbow panorama
  • Adventure day at the Tivoli Friheden amusement park
  • Excursion to the Infinite Bridge
  • Guided tour of the town hall

Stop 6: Aalborg

Our penultimate stop takes us to the “Paris of the North”, to Aalborg, where you will not find the Eiffel Tower, but the Aalborg Tower. Aalborg combines modern elements with the typical Danish hygge: between the historic streets and houses of the old town you can always find colorful street art and modern architecture, such as the Utzon Center or the Musikkens Hus. 

Cooling off during your sightseeing is also provided: relax at the harbor swimming pool on the Limfjord, swim a few lengths or paddle through the fjord in a kayak. Meanwhile, history fans can marvel at the Lindholm Høje Viking burial site, which is around 1,500 years old. 


Aalborg Family Camping - Strandparken: You can enjoy a relaxing holiday at this campsite very close to the city.


Restaurant Tabu: This exclusive gourmet restaurant provides its guests with delicious and creative menus and first-class wines in a cozy atmosphere.

Il Restorante Fellini: An excellent Italian restaurant with a wide range of offerings, good service and typical Italian charm.

  • Aalborg old town
  • Utzon Center: Culture and knowledge center with exceptional architecture
  • Musikkens Hus: eye-catching building that houses the Symphony Orchestra and serves as a venue and meeting point for music professionals & music lovers
  • Street food market: Market with a wide range of Danish and international specialties
  • Kunsten Museum of Modern Art: Art museum with exhibits from around the world
  • Nordkraft Aalborg: former power plant, now cultural center with theater, cinemas, ... 
  • Harbor bathing on the Limfjord
  • Aalborg tower with bistro
  • Lindholm Høje: Viking burial site from the Iron Age
  • Aalborg zoo
  • Swim, kayak or sail in the Limfjord
  • Walk through the old town and marvel at the colorful street art 
  • Visit the exhibitions in Musikkens Hus, Utzon Center or Kunsten Museum
  • Guided tours of Aalborg's historical sites: e.g. Lindholm Høje



Stop 7 (End point): Skagen

We end the road trip with a few days on the beach in the city of Skagen in the very north of Denmark. At the northernmost point of the country, in Grenen, you can observe a fascinating natural spectacle, because this is where the North and Baltic Seas meet. Swimming is strictly forbidden in Grenen due to strong currents, but you can watch wild seals enjoying the sun's rays on the coast. Also really interesting are sights such as the gray lighthouse, the sandy church of St. Lawrence or the harbor of Skagen.

You should definitely take a tour of Bryghus, the local brewery, and then end your visit with a tasting of the various beers accompanied by live music.


Camp Grenen Strand: This facility right on the coast is perfect for enjoying the sunsets on the North and Baltic Seas at the same time. A children's playground, a wide range of sports and a sauna guarantee a perfect holiday. 

Skagen Camping: This campsite in the forest and near the coast offers an even larger and more varied range of sports, including horse riding and golf.


Restaurant Dit Smørrebrød Skagen: This restaurant is an absolute must in Skagen! It serves traditional smørrebrød with Danish schnapps and rounds off the Denmark trip perfectly. 

Skagen Bryghus: The local brewery in Skagen with a variety of beers, live music, events and brewery tours is definitely worth a visit.


  • Grenen: tip of Denmark, where the North and Baltic Seas meet
  • Skagen's museum for art and history enthusiasts
  • Sanded church of St. Laurentius: church tower of the old parish church in the middle of the dunes
  • Råbjerg Mile: Largest shifting dune in Denmark
  • Vippefyret: Large beacon as a signal for sailors
  • Gray lighthouse
  • Skagen Bunker Museum: Medical bunker from World War II
  • Odde Natur Center: Natural phenomena in the North and Baltic Seas
  • Skagen harbor
  • Anchers Hus: House and museum of the Anchor artist couple
  • Enjoy the magical atmosphere with a walk on the Grenen headland, where the North and Baltic Seas meet
  • Sunset in Højen, the "sunset place"
  • Stroll through the old town and Denmark's largest fishing port
  • Tour of the gray lighthouse, the nature center and the sandy church of St. Lawrence

At the end of this exciting road trip through Denmark, not only does the car door close, but also a chapter full of unforgettable experiences and enchanting impressions. Together we look back on an unforgettable journey through impressive nature - sea, chalk cliffs, forests and beaches - and vibrant cities with their landmarks and fascinating architecture. 


Have you caught the travel bug? Then book your PIA camper now and head north!


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Our road trip through Denmark may be over, but the journey continues. How about the sunny coasts of southern Italy, for example? Browse through our other posts on road trips through Europe's most beautiful countries and find your dream route.

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