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Your perfect match for the ultimate adventure: PIA Camper meets like2camp!

Your perfect match for the ultimate adventure: PIA Camper meets like2camp!

© like2camp GmbH / PIA Camper

In the world of camping, sometimes two visions merge to create a fantastic collaboration. That's why we are all the more pleased to announce the exciting collaboration between PIA Camper and like2camp to create a special travel experience for camping enthusiasts. But before we dive into the details, we would like to briefly introduce you to both companies.

PIA Camper

Freedom, adventure and the chance to wake up wherever your thirst for adventure takes you! PIA Camper enables travel enthusiasts to turn every kilometre travelled into a lasting memory and offers first-class campers for tenant and for sale. In PIA Camper's campers, travellers can enjoy the comfort of their own 4 walls on the road and discover the most beautiful places in Europe - spontaneously, flexibly and individually. With PIA Camper, your next road trip is just one booking away.


Similar to Airbnb, like2camp makes it easy to book pitches and provides guests with all the information they need for an uncomplicated trip. In addition to the live availability of pitches, like2camp takes you to the most beautiful spots in the region and exclusive benefits await you with the digital guest card. With like2camp, planning your camping adventure is easier than ever before, so you can concentrate fully on experiencing and enjoying your holiday.

© like2camp GmbH

So why are PIA Camper and like2camp the perfect match?

Imagine renting your dream campervan from PIA Camper and setting off to discover Europe. But where to go at night? This is where like2camp comes into play. With just a few clicks, you can find a legal and comfortable pitch. Whether you're already sure of your itinerary or just starting out on your adventure, like2camp offers you inspiration for your next destination and allows you to book your fixed pitch in advance. This means you don't have to stress and can fully enjoy your road trip in a PIA Camper.

This collaboration allows us to offer you a complete adventure. PIA Camper provides the vehicle for the trip, and like2camp ensures that you have a place where you can feel at home every evening - a perfect match!



© like2camp GmbH

This exciting collaboration kicked off this season! Together we have the vision of creating a very special camping experience and giving you breathtaking moments that will be remembered forever!

Stay tuned for the many adventures that lie ahead and discover the freedom of road tripping with PIA Camper and like2camp.


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          Together a perfect Match:

              PIA Camper X like2camp

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