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Camping safely: Tips and tricks for preventing theft on campsites

Camping safely: Tips and tricks for preventing theft on campsites


So that your camping trip doesn't end in a foreign police station or in disputes with your insurance company, we have put together some important points about theft protection and camping, as well as (creative) hiding places in your camper.


Always lock up!

Make sure your motorhome, caravan or camper is always locked and adequately secured, even if you "only" go to the sanitary facilities or your neighbours' pitches for a short time. Safe is safe!

Do not leave valuables unattended!

It is generally advisable to take as few valuables as possible with you on your camping trip. Essential items, such as credit cards, cash or smartphones, should always be carried with you if possible - for example in a fanny pack or shoulder bag.
If you have a laptop or tablet with you, make sure you don't store any passwords or access data for online banking, payment methods (such as PayPal) or shops on it, as these could potentially be misused in the event of theft.


It is generally advisable to take as few valuables as possible with you on your camping holiday. Since there are some things that absolutely have to be with you on the trip, we have picked out some (creative) hiding places for you:

  • Do not leave valuables in the passenger compartment where they are accessible and visible to everyone
  • Trunk; especially in the spare wheel well
  • Lockable drawers
  • Generally, hiding places that require a lot of time (e.g.: a camouflaged and weighted preserving jar in the refrigerator)
  • Permanently installed safe

Caution! Despite our tricks, we cannot offer you guaranteed theft protection!

Invest in locks and security systems!

Very simple plastic locks are often installed in campers and mobile homes, which represent a minor obstacle for thieves and burglars. It is therefore worth investing in high-quality or reinforced locks, door panels, door and window locks. Simple but effective: lash straps or chains between the door handles on the driver and passenger side and thereby prevent the doors from being opened from the outside.


Alarm system, gas detector and other security measures

Just like at home, you can have an alarm system retrofitted for your mobile home. You can either contact a specialist who will install a system specifically designed for your vehicle or you can install a universal device yourself. Gas detectors and reinforced door and window locks increase security and protect you from fraudsters and theft.


Window films

If you attach self-adhesive mirror films to the windows that are TÜV approved, you ensure absolute protection from prying eyes from your neighbors and potential thieves. However, you must note that you are not allowed to use such films on the front side windows and windshield. Here you can use a privacy curtain that you can remove while driving.


Call for help!

If you witness a break-in in a mobile home, camper, etc., make yourself known loudly, call for help and immediately inform your neighbors at the parking space. Don't try to catch the burglars yourself, leave it to the police or campsite security! You can help better by providing a detailed personal description instead of putting yourself in danger.


Theft of the motorhome, camper, etc.

Theft of the entire motorhome is rare, but there is still a certain residual risk. To make theft more difficult, we have selected three relatively simple and inexpensive methods:

  • For caravans: steel drawbar lock with high-quality U-lock
  • For motorhomes and campers: immobilizer (without the original key: theft is hardly possible);
  • Additional measures: steering wheel claw or tire claw
  • Do not park or spend the night in rest areas or parking lots directly on the highway!
  • Caution: Don't fall for scammers who fake breakdowns or defects in your vehicle. Very often these are just excuses to distract you and steal your valuables.
  • Check your vehicle for damage after every stop! Pay particular attention to the tires here.
  • GPS trackers in your vehicle can be helpful in knowing where your belongings are at all times.

Please contact your insurance company to find out about the respective offers in order to optimally insure your campervan, caravan or motorhome. However, we recommend that you take out at least partial comprehensive insurance to protect yourself against break-ins and theft; if necessary, contents insurance is also recommended. With PIA Camper,  you are perfectly covered by our breakdown assistance and fully comprehensive cover.


ATTENTION: Be sure to find out about the contract conditions, the insurance amount and other details in advance, as these vary between insurance providers and their tariffs. Negligence is not insured!

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to travel safely, get your PIA Camper and start into the next adventure!


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